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Have an AI make your logo

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

My social media footprint is not huge. But to get some of that delightful dopamine, I post pictures of my Honda Monkey to strangers instead of bothering my closets friends. For this I use a small Instagram account called @monkey_tripper.


Inspired by this article, I figured I could generate …

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How I AeroPress™

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

Having discovered Excalidraw and being asked how I use my Aeropress on the same day, I saw an opportunity:


For those of you who know me, you know I'm a walking Pareto principle, meaning that I very much enjoy the situations where you get 80% of the value for 20 …

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TorWAL - tracking work hours with Python

Estimated read time: 6 minutes

As many other, I found myself primarily working from home all of a sudden. The lines between working and not working was fading. I suspected I worked too many hours (spoiler; 1), and also that real development work got overshadowed by an increasing amount of Slack and video meetings (spoiler …

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Cowshed configuration optimization simulation

Estimated read time: 5 minutes


You know when you have a traditional barn full of cows, and the modern age forces you to make the choose whether to switch career or to invest in a milking robot? That feeling. Making the jump to a milking robot system requires you to redesign your cowshed from a …

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Anki like note reminders

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

I use my simple note system to scribble down thoughts, project descriptions, reminders from meetings and the usual note kinda stuff.

Despite of its intrinsic value, most notes gets written down and never revisited. Here is a short snippet that, based on the note's dated titles, email me the note …

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